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Given 3

Last updated on 4/28/2024
Filed Under: Testing, BDD

Given 3 is a library for making it much cleaner to setup tests in Typescript and Javascript. It was strongly inspired by the library given2 but with with a few core concepts added:

  1. Type safety
  2. Ability to refine values
  3. Ability to re-use values between tests
  4. A way to specify cleaning up values


Self Describing Stacks

Last updated on 4/28/2024


From late 2018 until 2023 I worked at various levels as an engineer at a software startup that had it's own hand-rolled Infrastructure as Code solution, and it's own hand-rolled dependency injection solution. As I was the person who hand-rolled it I feel some responsibility for the pain and silliness that the many people who worked there during that time had to experience. Now about 6 months removed from that job there is a nostalgia about those tools and what they were able to do...